11 Psychological Facts That No One Will Tell You 

11 Psychological Facts That No One Will Tell You

In this topic, I will discuss some psychological hacks that never fail. You can use these powerful, dark psychological tricks to make your life easier and also to control and manipulate people’s minds. You will be surprised to know that these tricks are used frequently by many brands to sell their products, by politicians, and maybe even by your friends. Therefore, you must know about these psychological hacks. So, without wasting time, let’s get started.

Number one: Trick others to do what you want them to do.

This one is really an awesome psychological trick that you can use when you want others to do something. By doing this, they won’t even notice that they have been tricked into doing something for you. So, the trick is to give people some options to choose from that lie within the frame of your decision. We can also use this trick with kids. Suppose you want your kids to eat vegetables. Then don’t ask them directly to eat it; they are not going to listen to you. Instead of this, give them a few choices to choose from within the frame of your decision. For example, you may ask, “Do you want these little carrots or beautiful cauliflower?” By doing this trick, although you have already made the decision for people, they feel happy because they think they have taken part in decision-making.

Number two: Chew a “Chewing Gum” to reduce your nervousness.

You might have seen many people chewing chewing gum when they are in public. But why do they do this? Do you know that by chewing the chewing gum, you can easily trick your brain to reduce nervousness and anxiety? Because while chewing it, your brain believes that if you were in danger, you wouldn’t be doing anything. So, you need not panic as the situation is very comfortable.

Number three: What you think you are, you are.

If you believe you are beautiful, you are. If you believe you have a good memory, then you are right, you have a good memory. Actually, you become what you believe. The reverse of this is also true. For example, if you think you have a very bad memory, then it will be very difficult for you to recall things easily. Memory is deeply affected by your confidence in your memory. So, you can use this trick for your benefit. For example, if you want to be a good singer, first, you need to believe in your singing skills, then others will.

Number four: Remember everyone’s name if you want to be popular.

When you call someone by his or her first name, that person feels very special. Our mind is highly sensitive to our names. So, you can use this fact to your advantage. What you need to do is try to call people by their first names as often as possible. By doing this, you will be able to get their attention. They will be more attracted to you because they love to hear their names. They will listen to you with more love and attentiveness. What else do you need? Now, you can use this favorable situation to convey your message more effectively.

Number five: Mirror others’ body language to build up trust.

It has been found in many experiments that it is very easy to build up trust with someone by subtly mimicking his or her body language. When you mirror their style of body movement, their way of talking, and other behaviors, they start to think that you are very comfortable with them. So, they find you more attractive and trustworthy. As you know, like attracts like. So, whenever you want to get closer to a person quickly, mimic their subtle body language. But do it carefully; never overdo it.

Number six: Make others agree with you through subliminal signals.

The word subliminal means below consciousness. Using subliminal signals, you can influence people with more than just words and can also influence their decision-making. Do you know every time we communicate with others, we send non-verbal messages, whether we are aware of it or not? For example, when you ask a question, nod or shake your head, the other person’s subconscious mind would notice this subliminal message along with your words. So, you are more likely to persuade someone by using this psychological hack.

Number seven: Look into someone’s eyes when you want more clarification.

This one is a very effective trick that you can use on others if you are not satisfied with their reply or you want more details. Actually, you need not ask the same question again. All you need to do is, when someone has answered, be silent and just look into his or her eyes. This will make that person feel under pressure, and he would be forced to explain his reply in more detail. But be careful while looking into that person’s eyes; don’t stare too hard. Although this trick can be used on anybody, it can be applied more commonly by a boss or on your children.

Number eight: Stay calm when someone is angry with you.

Although staying calm is not an easy task when someone is mad at you, it’s actually worth it. Because your aggressive reaction may worsen the situation, and the situation may go out of control. So, in this case, it’s wise to remain cool and focus on how to respond smartly. By doing this, you can save a lot of energy, and finally, that angry person may feel guilty for his rude behavior.

Number nine: Write down your thoughts when you feel stressed or anxious.

This simple trick really works. So, when you feel stressed, just write down your thoughts in a notebook. After doing this, you will feel very relaxed as you have shared your thoughts. Now, your thoughts have come out of your mind, so you don’t feel stressed anymore.

Number 10: Assume comfort in any new situation.

Suppose you are going to meet someone for the first time and feeling very nervous. You are not sure how to handle that situation. In this case, there is an effective psychological trick that you can use. Just assume that it is not your first time meeting with him or her and you know them since a long time. Believe me, you will be surprised; suddenly, your nervousness will go down, and you will start to feel more comfortable. It’s not just you who is meeting for the first time; the other person might also be nervous about this meeting. Your informal, friendly way of meeting will also make them feel comfortable. Not only this, they may appreciate your style.

Number 11: Cool down angry customers with a mirror.

This trick is particularly helpful to you if you have to deal with customers in office. With this psychological trick, you can force your angry customers to control their rude behavior. All you need to do is put a mirror at the counter behind you.

This way, angry customers will have to see themselves in the mirror behind you. Actually, no one wants to see themselves behaving irrationally, so their chances of showing rude behavior lower significantly.

So, guys, these were the 11 psychological hacks that can make your life easier, and you can deal with people in a better way.

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