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Hardware as a Service: Are You Ready?

As a specialist IT solutions provider, Ezehire has been selling HaaS (Hardware as a Service) and incorporating Technology Refresh since1995. HaaS essentially provides IT and ICT assets to clients as a service which is billed in advance on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Ezehire HaaS provides hardware with all-you-can-eat IT & ICT support including help desk, online & onsite repairs and Service for a fixed monthly fee.  Prior to 2007 this type of pro-active enterprise level support was only affordable to big business. Now new technologies for monitoring, help desk ticketing and support have enabled this enterprise level support to be delivered far more economically and place this level of support firmly in the reach of SMBs.

The leverage and productivity increases gained using these new technologies deliver increased efficiencies, cost savings and productivity to SMBs enhancing profit and productivity performance and are also extremely tax effective. To deliver the Managed Services and HaaS effectively it requires careful coordination among solution providers, vendors and financial institutions. The client has a single point of contact for all.

It has bee 14 years since we started delivering HaaS and to date only some financial institutions linked to suppliers or vendors such as HP and Cisco have embraced the model. ; figuring out who should own title to the equipment is an issue. During the early years, when we started selling equipment as a service, the implementation of our HaaS model posed many challenges in the delivery of all-you-can-eat IT Managed Services and Technology Refresh.  in 2007 technology advancement has streamlined the delivery of Ezehire HaaS enabling us to commercially deliver our services to other ICT hardware providers that wish to use our managed services to deliver their own HaaS Model.

In 2007 Ezehire demerged the IT Managed Services division to its subsidiary company Ezetek Pacific. Ezetek is governed by an independent board of directors responsible for the delivery of affordable, enterprise level IT Managed Services to the SMBs and solution and hardware providers and of course to Ezehire in support of its HaaS financing.

Migration to HaaS and IT Managed Services

It's no wonder, then, that only a handful of solution providers so far have figured out how to bill customers on a regular basis not only for IT services and software but also for hardware.

As other solution providers, channel providers and suppliers come to understand what some of the majors are doing with the HaaS “Hardware as a Service"  model, they will also seek to compete in the space. Industry experts predict that IT Managed Services and Haas are predicted to grow at 35% per year up until 2013. Considering the extra services and benefits delivered to the client under these platforms it will be difficult to win back clients once they have migrated across to the HaaS and IT Managed Services models.


The need to retain market share will require that some equipment vendors and resellers to enter this space as quickly as possible and this will give rise to many partnering opportunities as well as a new wave of mergers and acquisitions by corporations concerned about loosing their competitive edge in the market. Perhaps this will also lead to the Banks and Financial Institutions seeking to partner with or acquire corporations purely for the newly created  multi-billion dollar financing opportunities created in this new market. Although this creates a predominantly new market for financial services opportunities, there will also be some impact or the Financial Services sector for corporations currently providing inefficient traditional equipment leasing.    


It is true that the Ezehire/Ezetek model is delivered using the leverage of cutting edge technologies and is indeed very different, delivering All-You-Can-Eat service and support economically to the client. Our services deliver client savings and costs containment within a fixed fee Service Level Agreement. Some of the advantages to the client are;

  • Fixed monthly cost 
  • Unlimited Help Desk included 
  • Unlimited service and support included 
  • 24x7 x 365 day monitoring 
  • Improved Uptime, Security, with SLA Guarantees 
    Pro-active IT Management delivers optimal performance, productivity increases and full reporting
  • In built Asset management, tracking and reporting 
  • Equipment redundancy planning and provisioning 
  • help desk, maintenance, vendor management and much more.  

Considering all of the additional services provided under the ICT Managed Services SLA in the HaaS model are able to be supplied to clients for the same or less cost that their current ICT costs many SMBs are already migrating to either Haas or to an IT Managed Services platform. 


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